Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez, APRN

Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez, APRN, has been practicing medicine for more than 10 years and has a vast experience in internal and external medicine, applying the holistic concept of care at the time of providing care for his patients.

Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez is certified by the ANCC.

Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez APRN graduated from South University in Georgia and is currently enrolled in the DNP program at MRU in Florida.

Through out all the years Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez APRN has been practicing medicine he always tries not only to diagnose and treat his patients, also Osvaldo Alvarez APRN thinks that teaching the population on how to recognize signs and symptoms that may lead to a serious life-threatening condition and report it to the health care provider on time.

Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez APRN likes reading and enjoys watching movies.

Osvaldo Alvarez Lopez APRN is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese